The Motion Dance Collective (MDC), are a screendance production company who work through collaboration to produce innovative, playful and ambitious dance works for film.

The North London based company, founded by Omari ‘Motion’ Carter, draws inspiration from a range of artistic forms and collaborates with other interdisciplinary artists to create new and thoughtful movement-based narratives – working with and incorporating a range of styles and cultures to convey stories varying from freshly written fiction, to work based around real-life situations.

The movement vocabulary in each project aims to juxtapose dance techniques with old and new film language, experiment with contemporary choreographic processes and play with a range of musical genres and structures, bringing perceptive, bold and fresh ideas to fruition

Several of MDC films have been screened across the UK and internationally, at both dance film festivals and short film festivals including, Loikka Dance Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland), Let’s Dance International Festival (Leicester, UK) British Urban Film Festival (London, UK) and ProxyACT International Short Film Festival (London, Columbia and Italy) to name a few.

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